Campground Solutions

Smart, automated power pedestal and metering solutions for campground owners

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Transient / Short Term

Pedestal Control & Monitoring

Fully automated power posts!  Owners have the ability to turn on the requested power (20A, 30A, 50A, or all services). Checkout at 11am?  We can turn off the power automatically.  Everything is monitored to ensure smooth operation and give you a full view of energy consumption.

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Long term / Seasonal

Wireless Metering & Alerting

Private wireless metering solutions.  We provide the meters and wireless technology.
Stop reading meters and generating bills.
We can bill your customers directly!
Empty site? We can alert you when power is being used.

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Wild Energy Portal

View all of your sites in a single web view

We provide a web based portal so you can see all of your sites in one view.  From here you can turn on the transient posts, check energy usage, and even see if equipment has been damaged.


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