Mountain Camping

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Innovating new energy monitoring and control solutions for the recreational vehicle industry, campgrounds, marinas, industrial, condo associations, and much more!


Campground Technologies

We have patented technology to convert power pedestals into "Smartposts" which can be controlled, monitored, and metered remotely.  Easy to install with a great return on investment.

Transient / overnight, and long term seasonal options.

Fully Automated Parks?  Yep, we can do that too!


Marine Solutions

Electronic Metering and power management solutions for the marine industry.  Direct customer billing, usage alerts, and power control for overnight guests.


Private Electrical Services

Private metering and control of Electric Vehicle stations

Condo associations, townhomes, multi-tenant office buildings


About Us

We've been hard at work building the patented technology to deliver power control and monitoring solutions for the recreational vehicle industry (campgrounds, marinas, fairgrounds, concert venues, etc.).  Since then, we've expanded our services to include many unique applications such as privately metered electrical services, private electric vehicles stations, industrial controls, event venues, and many more.


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